i know...the blog is way out of order and we're behind on all kinds of things. But right now, i want to share with you my morning...

Woke up to this amazing view. Also woke up because a variety of bugs were eating my face, but nonetheless, woke up in time to see the sun rise. The shelter is pretty high up and looks out on the valley below, which, even still, is covered in this fantastic rolling fog.

The sunrise was amazing, and the camera phone certainly doesnt do it any justice (nor did the canon, since JUST as the sun was emerging, the battery died...noooo!). But who cares, saw it with my eyes...gorgeous roiling sun rose from the mountains and lit up the fog as it rolled.

Pretty damn cool.

Adam is still asleep! But enjoyed the view with a ridgerunner and 3 other hikers...ha.

On to Mass today!