Just wanted to add a couple thoughts to Adam's New Jersey entry....

1. New Jersey had a really cool section called the Pochuck Creek Footbridge, and it's a mile of raised boardwalks through this really awesome area. Cattails, beautiful grasses, streams, etc. Also beautiful because we didnt have wade through it and get Lyme disease in the process. Thanks Jersey!

2. Wish they had more boardwalks though..... day before the trail made us, once again, wade through 4 ft high grasses in fields. Some may envision walking through sunlit fields at dusk in some kind of romantic way. You would be wrong. It sucks. It's itchy and you're conviced you're covered in ticks.  The day before we got engaged we had to walk through about 4 fields like this. Was a horrible hot, sticky, long hiking day, and my leg was killing me. And as we climbed one of the last hills, we hear a car pull in, somewhere...couldnt see it, but could hear it. And then, just as we didnt think this day could get worse, the car all of a sudden starts blasting some CREED song. Creed! In the middle of nowhere, and the acoustics were perfect to carry that god awful sound to our ears. So random. Perfect ending to that crappy hiking day.

And yes, if you like the band Creed, i'm recommending that you shouldnt.

3. But besides Creed lovers blasting their songs, New Jersey was really pretty.

The end.