I'm loving life right now. Staring out at hail, rain, craziness, and
people running like nuts. Feeling totally justified at our choice to
stay in Great Barrington today.

 I did NOT, however, love life, yesterday. What a life tease.

2 days ago, felt amazing. In the afternoon, after ordering pizza in
Falls Village, CT, (which was an adventure on its own, as our book
said there was a pizza joint which was, it turns out, pure
imagination- but a town clerk was awesome and ordered it for us from a
further away place called Dino's. Anyways...) we managed to walk 8
miles in 2.5 hours. Usually, we cover about 5 in that time. Terrain
wasnt easy either. Felt amazing. Apparently pizza is our red bull...?

YESTERDAY... felt way less than awesome. Took us most of the day to do
12 miles... sure, we crossed 3 mountains, including a descent from
Bear mt that made me pretty nervous and gave us visions of broken
legs, but was fine. And we crossed state lines. But it took is FOREVER
(or at least, it felt like it). Ended up doing 18 miles, camping at a
random landscaping + dollhouse business. Woke up to pouring rain..

After about 20 min, we called hotels...

Ooohhhh yes. A hotel. And don't you DARE judge us, mr and mrs inside
air conditioning always sheltered and driving around in your cars folk

Besides - had been a good 5 days since a shower, and as we look out on
the hail and massive thunderstorms coming through now, from the
protection of a restaurant, i am SO.  VERY. HAPPY.  No trees falling
on us, no mosquitos dive bombing us, we are surrounded by amazing town
people, and we're going to see Bridesmaids at the Great Barrington


The end