After meeting up with Danielle and Craig (and Yuengling), we hiked on 2 days to Port Clinton and Hamburg, Pa. Kind of meant to just get lunch at the pizza hut buffet, but hey, why not, lets check out the rates of the local Microtel.

Besides, rain had continued to fall, as was our motivation for hiking PA, the rocks, etc... After our awesome afternoon with Danielle and Craig, we had gone back to the trail and it started to rain - almost - immediately. We were sick of it and hadnt even been out of town 20 min.  So when the check-in lady at the motel offered a hiker discount, we were sold.

And glad we did. Two days earlier, after Danielle and Craig dropped us off and the rain started up again, we read in shelter register from Ram Sham that Ad Cane had fallen. Probably just before we started. Had a gash in his head and probably would need to go to the hospital. Luckily we didnt have to wonder too long if he was ok though- Ad Cane texted us the next day. Had gotten 4 stitches and were taking a couple days off at a friends house in Allentown.

So when we got to Hamburg, they drove in to meet up! Hilarious to see fellow hiker friends with a car and jeans. Wandered around the huge outdoor store there, Cabelas, and got some beers at Logans Roadhouse next door. Unfortunately, might be the last time we see them...when they got on the trail again they would be a couple days behind us and they stop this section of their hike June 4. However, we (clearly) like to stop in towns a lot , so who knows. I think they still might catch us. I hope they do- have been with us since day 4!

Either way - Ad Cane and Ram Sham - you guys are awesome, have an amazing time for the rest of your journey!