I think we are gonna mature this blog with a feature update of my beard weight. Current weight: 12 oz

Ultralight hikers would shave it off. They also wouldn't hike with a Caps jersey after they were swept by a hockey team from Florida. Yep, still bitter.

In other news... While hiking yesterday I had written a great blog update in my head. It was highly entertaining and funny, got me through a few miles, which was awesome and very helpful when covering long distances by foot. It would be great if I could remember it all now... I think it boiled down to PA has silly alcohol laws. You can only buy 6 packs from a bar, liquor from ABC stores, and if there IS a beer store they can only sell cases. ?

Yup, we think about booze a lot on the trail. That's not all though. We also crave fruit, waffles, soda, pancakes, chips, snickers, poptarts with nutella spread on 'em, cup of noodles, clif bars, buffets, anything dehydrated - yes, all of us hikers are pregnant women.

Moving on (I am awesome at transitions)...

Tomorrow we will enter New Jersey, the start of the "Deli to Deli" hike where hikers eat at delis thru NJ and NY. That's fine but I am changing that to a "Bagel to Bagel" hike. Mmmmm, bagels.

Who is comin with?