Hello. We have just packed up our gear and are about to leave Big Meadows campground where we had a shower, did laundry, and shared a blackberry shake. If the whole trail was like this it'd be cake. Virginia could spoil us. We met one thru hiker 2 days ago and were immediately envious of his pack. Holy hell it was tiny but he was an ultralight sleeping with a tarp and he had also done the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide trails...he is not a rook like us. We also received our first bit of Trail Magic in the form of a note attached to a tree and two sticks of gum - we guess it's from Katr Duffy, our friend that dropped us off on day uno.

Today we have either an 8 mile trek to Skyland or a 15 miler to a shelter. If our packs were lighter we could do the shelter. We shall see. Thanks to being high enough up that we have 3G signal!

Over and out.