Hello from Front Royal, VA, it's Saturday, it's day 7, and we're 62.3 miles into this thing.  I'd like to say that we are staying in Front Royal because we have to slow down to insure that we will arrive at Harpers Ferry on a Friday however, it's mostly so we can see Scream 4 tonight.  We actually might do that.

Anyways, we are taking what is known as a Zero Day where we literally take a break from hiking, no complaints from either of us.  Last night we showered and went to a bar, watched hockey - Atom was one of 3 dudes in a Caps jersey though they lost and we've been told we can never get off the trail for a game again.  D'oh!

Also, we have settled on Trail Names:  Bear Jew and Rock Puncher.  You can decide who is who. 

Since we last blogged we slept through an insane storm, apparently a tornado touched down in the Shenandoah Valley - well, we didn't actually sleep through it...  We were in a shelter with quite a few others as the rain and wind pounded everything around, it was nutty and our heads got a little wet but easily fixed by covering ourselves with our sleeping bags.  We also met a very cool duo: http://atdeafblinddream.wordpress.com/
A deaf woman, trail name Ram Sham, and a half blind deaf man or Cane.  She is helping him hike the trail - all four of us are on the same schedule currently so we've stayed at 2 shelters with them and we are both occupying Front Royal, a town that is used to hikers coming through.  Also, we exited Shenandoah park yesterday which made it feel like progress, like we were moving towards something.  We've resupplied our food and will soon be at Bears Den hostel, place sounds incredible.  They have a hiker deal: $27.50 gets you a bed, shower, laundry, pizza, pint of Ben & Jerry's and soda - we can dig it though a lot of the hikers that come through and need that deal are coming from Georgia, so we'll see.

That's all for now, should be able to update again from Bears Den,
Bear Jew and Rock Puncher