We present to you, the overall schedule and map. Probably sure this is too small for anyone to really see, but damn, doesn't that hike look long? General note on this....schedule is based on an overall average of mileage for the entire trip, which means we'll probably be wildly off at some points (which means you'll just have to keep up with us on the blog). Some areas will be easier terrain, and faster miles, and other areas might just kick our ass, and we'll be super slow. And if the Caps go to the Stanley Cup, we'll be at the closest bar that will play it. Regardless though -should give a general idea of where we might be, at what time - so that you can plan your trip to meet us (obviously). Here's a closer look - hope the closer photos work: The start of it all....APRIL 24th - APRIL 30th. Starting in Harrisonburg, VA (Rt 33 and the trail). However, probably will take it EVEN slower than this schedule suggests, so that we can land at Harpers Ferry on a weekend (May 6th), and hopefully see some familiar faces. Who happen to have amazing food for us. We will even shower for you. No pressure. APRIL 30th - MAY 14th: Again, we're already a little off here so we can meet up with all of you at Harper's Ferry on May 6th. Awesome. See you there. Then onto the rocky land of Pennsylvania and the bears of NJ.... MAY 28 - JUNE 11th - Finishing up Pennsylvania and going on to NJ, NY and Connecticut...For all the NY folks, Bear Mountain State Park could be a great meeting spot...or High Point State Park. Or anything on this part of the map. See you soon. JUNE 28th - JULY 2nd - Finishing Mass and going on to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. This part is notoriously hard, I'm sure our "schedule" will be less than accurate here. JULY 9th - JULY 23rd....MAINE! JULY 23rd - AUG 3rd...more Maine, and then Katahdin! See you guys on trail!