Ok, back tracking quite a bit here since we are currently almost out
of New York, but hey, we're not on a real schedule, and lets not
pretend this blog is either.
Anyway! Going back to where we left off - the end of PA. Though the
rocks, rain, and rattlers tried to beat down any possible motivation,
sometimes the view (when i wasnt staring at my feet to see it) was
really beautiful. We'd be walking along in the woods, with normal,
generic trees and underbrush, and then suddenly we were in this
amazing landscape - a sea of ferns carpeting the forest floor,
surrounding the trees. No underbrush. Just ferns. Gorgeous. These
photos don't do them justice. And then the generic forest would return
around the next bend.

Adam, equally enthralled,  encouraged me to stop often and take out
the camera to capture all of these moments (haaaaa!!!!).


Fern forests. Nicely done, PA.

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