Hello Dear Readers, it's been a while eh?  Susanna and I have been busy back to work and catching up with friends, enjoying our new old life while missing the trail.  How could we not?  We were out there for 3 1/2 months...  Regardless, we still owe a big long catch up on this thing which will happen.  Soon.  I think.  In the mean time, people are still asking us a lot of questions and we love it, but feel free to email us or comment on the blog with more ?s.  Not surprisingly, we like talking about the trail.  We also like the sound of our own voices.  Which makes no sense on a blog.  Anyways, here's my suite of the day...
Today's Edit Suite
The Bear Jew

P.S. Happy Jew Year to my fellow tribesmen, and my fwife (future wife - stole that from one Michael Wright)