So i just realized a post i wrote two days ago never went about July 16th, 3 days before Mt washington, and slightly repeats some of what Adam recently wrote, but oh well:) is about the franconian ridge, which was, i think, the best part of trail in the Whites.  More photos in the next post!

Missing blog:

Ahhh the Whites. Turning out to be everything everyone said they would be:

hard climbs, slow miles, straight up climbs, crazy views. And EPIC. Not sure anything else ive seen can compare to the Whites. Maybe the Alps, but when you take a gondola up to the top, vs climbing, the climbed view is gonna win out.

Yesterday didnt have amazing views, but the day before we had some spectacular ones from a ridge walk. We had camped at Liberty Spring campsite the night before, after a resupply in North Woodstock. The climb to the campsite was 2.7 miles, with an elevation change of 2458 ft. Straight up.

New Hampshire isnt fond of switchbacks.

The next day we finished the climb to the top of Liberty mountain (though the trail skipped the final summit) and we had an epic walk on the ridgeline over four mountains - Little  Haystack Mt, Mt Lincoln, Mt Lafayette, & Mt Garfield. We felt very Lord of the fact, we may have hummed some of the theme songs as we walked...dont judge, was awesome.

Enjoy the photos!

Ps - the last shot (i think its last, cant see the photos as i post), Mt Washington is way in the distance, the highest peak in the sky. We are
summiting that mountain tomorrow.

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