Well hello there. SO...we owe quite a bit in catch ups, which we will get to. One Day. We promise. But until then, just wanted to give this fairly important update. Tomorrow, we enter the White Mountains. For those of you unfamiliar, this is the start of epic portion of the journey. The Whites are where hikers averaging 20+ miles a day, slow down to 12 miles a day. The Whites are where guidebooks advise you that it snows every month of the year. The Whites are where you have the most amazing, spectacular views from ridiculous heights over looking cliffs. The Whites are also where hikers look at the trail going straight up (and down) those cliff faces and say "oh shit." A lot. But - it's also what most of us look forward to for the entire journey because they are so epic. And we are definitely in that category. I'm also in the "i hope i don't die" category, but i wont group Adam into that one. Anyway - onto the Whites - tomorrow we conquer Mt. Moosilauke, and after that we'll try to update more!

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