Damn that was cool.

Mooselauke, first of the alpine mts, first of the Whites, first above treeline summit. Pretty steep climb, but consistent. Took us 2 hours to get to the summit and when we got there the view was INCREDIBLE. 

Before the summit, though, you reached a peak (and think for a second you must be THERE...thank god...oh wait im still not there, crap) and you walk on a ridge to the real summit. At one point the path opens up and you can see the summit, and everything else. At that moment, a cloud blew in and what was a crystal clear view of the peak, disappeared under cloud. We were definitely up high.

Finally got to the summit and was amazing. Not sure ive seen a view like that before. You could see EVERYTHING, including the next massive mountains we're set to climb in the whites. Just incredible. Also, pretty cold. But worth it!

After the summit...the climb down followed a waterfall for most of the way, and trail maintainers had included a lot of steps and rebar into the rocks. Should give you an idea of how steep it was:)

More on whites as we continue!