Hello. Before I update about Massachusetts as a whole, I'd like to write about / thank Maxine and Josh (the Musicwood film makers) for getting a car for the day and driving up from Brooklyn to small town Mass just to hang with Sus and I.

We started the morning at North Wilcox shelter with only a short 7 mile walk to Jerusalem Rd. just north of Tyringham, MA where we met up with Max and Josh. It was truly a little road in the middle of nowhere, such a cool way to meet up. Bonus: They brought New York Bagels...mmmmm bagels. Josh also remembered my love of the pumpernickel - holy crap we devoured those bagels. Not right away though, we hopped in the car and drove to the town of Lee, found a sweet bench and then DEVOURED some f'n bagels. El Bear Jew was happy. After that we decided to check out the town of Lenox, first stop: Get Max a coffee. Once beverage was acquired walking the town commenced. It was a cool enough town to walk around, even found some robot looking sculptures to sit by and have some laughs and catch up. After that the bar hunt was on because, yes, we like beer. As we searched for the place to get the proper pint the ladies found a lady store so Josh and I looked at a local artists sculptures. The most memorable thing this guy had was a list of rules about how to purchase his art...I barely remember them...

Ok, let's find a bar! We see a very promising joint called Rumpys as in Rumplestiltskin. It was a basement bar that we all imagined would be dark and cosy, perfect place to spend hours laughing and chatting, but it was closed 'till later. No worries, we can find a place. Josh sees someone and goes to ask him however it's just a boy who's like "Man, I don't know nothin' 'bout no bars!" (some quotes are made up). No matter, we basically turn the corner and find an Irish pub - perfect. We are home. It's nice out so we get a table outside which will also do for the catching up and the laughs. Which we did and it was perfect. We got to hear all about how Musicwood is doing (thanks to all who donated including my Grandpa - heroic!) and we got to tell them about life on the trail. Max really wanted me and Josh to "touch beards". Not a euphemism, she thought it would be hilarious. We refused. I also got to introduce the drink I learned about in Ireland - a Smithwicks with a head of Guinness, great drink though this place basically gave us a half and half, ah well - plenty of places in NY will know how to do it.

After spending plenty of time and cash there it was finally time to check out Rumpys, the bar we knew we were gonna love. On the way there Josh quietly suggested to me we should touch beards to both piss off Max and make her laugh, totally worked. We came apart like Velcro and entered Rumpys.

Total buzzkill. The tar bender was nice but the place was horrible. Playing loud top 40 music and not at all close to the bar we had in our heads. It seemed to be fate as it was late and the Brooklynites had to get back on the road. It really was so awesome of them to take the time out of their busy schedule and meet up with us. It meant a lot and it was great to see them. Plus - they brought us bagels!