These photos are of Mahoosuc Notch.

This is part of the Appalachian trail.

Yes, this is a "trail."

And! These photos are actually horrible examples of the terrain - it was hard to capture - but it turns out it's difficult to take photos when you're bouldering, rock climbing gymnastic-ing (yes, i just made that a word) over and under huge rocks, caves (that still have ice in them), deep scary looking crevasses...all with a 35lb pack.

So the pictures arent great, what did it look like? Imagine a V shaped gap, and now throw in boulders of all shapes and sizes. For a mile. That's Mahoosuc notch, and someone actually thought the AT should go through it. The only thing about this mile that made it "hiking" was that we had packs on.

We will admit though- it was fun for a bit. But it kept going. And going. And going. To put it in perspective, it usually takes us 20 to 30 min to go a mile. This one took 3 hrs and 20 min.

Welcome to Maine!