Im so clever. See, becaused it rained a lot, and its effing rocky. Get it? Haaaa.... ahhh. Anyway, how rocky? This rocky. Is that a path? You call that a trail? Did the trail crews for the PA AT section secretly yet obviously hate hikers? Maybe. But we've done all but 16 miles of PA, so we win.

Other PA news... when it stops raining after 11 straight days, more hikers hit the trail. So. Do. Snakes. First day of sunshine, on Tuesday, was enjoying the morning hike listening to music. Until we ran into some hunters warning us of snakes, saying they had seen "literally" 20 or so snakes in the last 2 days... so out goes the music and in comes thoughts of Adam's future blog post informing all of my rattlesnake bite injuries....we hike a couple hours and then all of a sudden.....SSSSHHHHHEEEEEEEE (honestly, sounded more like tv static to me than a rattle). I actually was confused first. Stop dead in my tracks and Adam says,

"it's right there."

And it was. A very large rattlesnake was 4 feet from me, off the path. And because Adam is normal, he continued walking, away from the snake. Because i was frozen in fear, i stayed right there. Right in front of a snake who was rattling and ACTUALLY STARTING TO REAR ITS EFFING HEAD AT ME IN ATTACK MODE until i remembered i had legs and walked away (raced?)

Im pretty sure it wanted to eat my face.

Anyone who says "snakes are more afraid of you" is full of shit. That snake was a fearless. And wanted to eat my face. Just saying.

The rest of the day was awesome. We walked over boulder fields (snake condos) the rest of the hike, and saw two more snakes in the path (1 black snake and 1 possible copperhead). Yaaaaaaaaaaay....

The end.