These 2 split their ice cream challenge - cheaters. Sus and I did a half pint challenge...

Pretty awesome how this blog is all over the place. We are both updating on our phones and not coordinating. You can keep up, right?

Anyways, Ram Sham and Ad Cane are the deaf hikers and he is blind in one eye, tunnel vision in the other. Amazingly and randomly on this day ( Saturday the 14th of May) Bill Irwin, the AT Thru hiker who is completely blind was at Pine Grove Furnace State Park so they got to meet him. We had to push on to our shelter, it was our first day of hiking with Greybeard (Sus' dad) and Snake Vandalay (Jen, Sus' sister who is an architect and also had a fear of being bit in the butt by a snake while takin care of biz in the woods). They brought Jack Daniels in a bottle. I gladly put it in my pack and carried it to our shelter, surprised?

Ok, we promise to get organized and post more from Duncannon tomorrow. Mean while it's 1:35pm and we have 15 miles still ahead of us... Some dude in the coffee shop we are in is asking all kinds of questions, Sus is indulging but we have to bolt. Adieu.