On the trail, select, hardened, experienced and brave souls attempt
what is called "The Maryland Challenge." Enthusiastic hikers start
early and end well after dark, hiking the entire AT Maryland trail, 42
miles in length.

These hikers are awesome. These hikers are hardcore. These hikers are warriors.

We are not those hikers.

However! We had a fantastic time completing our own "4 Day Maryland
Challenge," and we were not alone. We continue to be at pace (ie
stalk) our friends Ram Sham and Ad Cane, and met a bunch of other
hikers on the way- Face, Sensei, Spam. Those 3 had a goal to do most
of Md in one day - 29 miles - but we probably destroyed their
enthusiasm when we informed them there was a bar on rt 40, about
halfway to their goal shelter. Happy to inspire others (drag them
down) to join our 4 day challenge though, because we had a pretty good
time at the Dog Patch Tavern.

Speaking of rt 40, right before this we crossed rt 70, which was
pretty funny for us. Have been on rt 70 so many times and passed the
AT footbridge, from the comfort of our clean, dry, air conditioned
cars. Was pretty cool to be on the other side. And waiting on the
other side of the bridge? Trail magic from Dr Leslie Simpson (trail
name "mom"). A note and two nutri grain bars - yesssssss!

Finally reached the Mason Dixon line on 5/ 11 ( i think) after our
epic challenge, warriors in our own right.

(or something)