Harpers Ferry is the mental half way point of the AT and home to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy or ATC, those dudes maintain the whole trail. We got our photo taken and added to this years hikers book. They have photos of thru hikers goin back to the 70s. Sweet.

Anyways, we got in Friday, checked in at the Comfort Inn, cleaned up and did our own little Harpers Ferry pub crawl which ended up being 2 and then drinking Makers Mark at a friends common room in a hostel. Thanks Facejacket!

Saturday was eventful and awesome thanks to all the friends and fam that made the short trek to Harpers, it was lovely seein you all. Let's do this every two weeks, aight? Also, thank you to Mick and Michelle's High School Reunion (Brother and I always call you guys by that name) for bringin steaks, beers, sides, steaks, beer and awesome company. We all camped on the bank of the Potomac and it ruled.

Currently I am drinkin a chocolate shake getting ready for our short 8 mile trek to our shelter for the night. We are in a coffee shop in Harpers and Rick Astley's "never gonna give you up" just came on. Great, this is going to be in my head for the rest of the day... Not sure if that sucks for me or Sus, oh well.

Will update again soon as we met millionaire twice over, his words, and also met some other like minded hikers which was very good for morale.

-Bear Jew & Rock Puncher