I was recently informed by my Dad that "people want a blog update."  And while I'm sure all 6 of you are curious what we've been up to, it's been hard to keep up. Mostly because we have less planned here in Japan and it's taking more time out of the day to figure shit out.


Also, I'm getting lazier. My journal can attest to that; it's last entry is something about seals in New Zealand. Whoops! And what did we do for two weeks in Vietnam? Who knows! Hopefully we'll get back to that, but for now I'm skipping ahead a bit.


This entry is about something that is undeniable in Japanese culture: toilets.


I have never been to a country that cared so deeply about ones comfort while on the toilet. It's phenomenal.


From the moment we got here and used the airport bathrooms, to almost every toilet experience since (public bathrooms, restaurants, hotels), almost every toilet has been equipped with one or all of these components:


  •  Seat warmer
  •  White noise/ nature sounds to cover up whatever you're doing in there
  •  Bidet
  •  A control panel that does an array of other (I'm sure) cool things, but I have no idea what because my Japanese is limited strictly to "arigato"


And everything is CLEAN. In the US you get used to pee covered toilets with gaps in the door so large you're not sure why there's a door at all, with no damns given.


Thank you, Japan, for caring.

What IS all of that? Who cares! It's awesome! 

What IS all of that? Who cares! It's awesome!