Listen, I realize there are other things you'd like to read about, but clearly this news update is important in its own right. 

I saw yet ANOTHER damn bee - this time outside the car, when we were parked, and it disappeared into the engine - so I bit the bullet. 

I opened the hood.

Let me tell you, it was like the freaking Jonestown Massacre in there. I'll shield you from the really graphic photos (mostly because they didnt turn out that great) but these two unfortunate bee souls are just the tip of the (honey) iceberg.

RIP bees

RIP bees

Just tons of bee bodies everywhere. Not the brightest bees in the land to choose our campervan engine as its home, but hey, to each their own.  Didn't see a hive, but it's gotta be somewhere in there (the jerks).

Whew!! I know, right? You're welcome for clearing up that mystery.

The End 

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